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  • Yes!  We use an accurate audiometer to find your hearing levels.  These levels are used by our Audiologist to determine if you need a hearing device and to precisely adjust that device for your individual needs.

  • The cost of hearing aids is based on quality, function, service and warranty. 

    Basic hearing aids can start at as little as a few hundred dollars.  These devices tend to be more limited in features, have shorter warranties and may not fit every hearing loss.  Basic devices have a smaller sound adjustment range, but lower end devices can still provide good performance.  If you are concerned about price, basic hearing aids can be a good entry solution.

  • Most new devices can last for at least ten year! Well maintained devices can last for many more years.  If your hearing changes, devices can be programed for new hearing needs.  Often, the receivers are changed to meet new sound and power requirements, thus avoiding the cost of new devices.

  • We offer low monthly payments and up to one year at zero interest for qualifying applicants.

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