Tinnitus Solutions

For the annoying sound that only you can hear

What is tinnitus?

Ringing, buzzing, hissing or roaring. It is a sensation of sound generated inside your head that only you can hear. This sensation is called tinnitus and it is surprisingly common — approximately 10% of people experience it all the time, while others experience it occasionally.

What causes tinnitus?

It is still uncertain how tinnitus begins. As with hearing loss, tinnitus is often associated with:

  • Exposure to loud sounds

  • Natural aging process

  • Sudden impact noises

  • Injuries to the head and neck

  • Emotional distress or stress

Sound therapy

Sound therapy means listening to sounds. It can be a helpful tool in managing your tinnitus. Sound cannot eliminate tinnitus; however, sound can make it seem like the tinnitus is eliminated or reduced. Sound can help you focus your attention on something more pleasant. By listening to different types of sound, it becomes easier to shift your attention away from the tinnitus sound. Together with your hearing professional, you can find the sound therapy that gives you the most relief.