Bluetooth (wireless connection) offers clients a bigger share of life

We believe that every client that walks through our door wants to feel connected to the world outside. They want to be able to communicate clearly. Follow current events. Call the people they miss. Listen to the music they love. But there are times when even the best hearing solutions cannot make situations like talking on the phone, watching TV or listening to music easy to manage or even possible. This is because not all sound is best presented through the microphones of hearing instruments.

Bluetooth wireless connection technology expands clients’ access to various devices, offering greater convenience and flexibility in their daily activities. Whether streaming music, connecting to smart home devices, or utilizing assistive listening systems, Bluetooth empowers individuals to seamlessly integrate technology into their lives, enhancing both accessibility and enjoyment.

Benefits that make sense

  • Hands free mobile Allows your clients to use a mobile phone – just like everybody else
  • Watch TV at preferred level without echo delay The TV adapter has been designed specifically to reduce latency (echo), so that your clients can enjoy TV at their preferred level without turning the TV volume up.
  • Wireless headset for landline phones The Phone adapter connects to any domestic analogue phone – in effect giving your clients a truly wireless headset. They don’t even have to get up to answer the phone
  • Intuitive and straight forward As an integrated system, your clients can rest assured they will not miss a call from their mobile or landline while watching TV.