“The service and care was excellent. I like that the hearing aides are easy to put on and I hear better. My family is happy and I can hear better. I am very happy.”
Irma Montez – Pueblo, CO

“Service & care – Excellent. The best – hearing my partner and T.V. I feel more confident!!! The very BEST of Doctors to work with.”
Elizabeth Schmidling – Pueblo, CO

“The service and care was excellent, it was of the highest professionalism. The best thing about my hearing aids is the streamer which allows me to answer my phones and be able to hear people and control my own volume. They are small and inconspicuous as well, which is a feature that I like.”
Duane J. Eaton – Pueblo, CO

“I am happy with my hearing aids, they help me a lot.”
Maria Anne Montoya – Pueblo, CO

“The staff at HearAid identified and explained the conditions of my hearing loss and offered a variety of solutions to restoring my hearing. The best thing about the aids is no longer missing parts of conversations or TV programs. As a birder and amateur naturalist, I can enjoy the sounds of nature that have been missing for so long! These aids have made an amazing difference in everything that I do. “
Clif Smith – Pueblo, CO

“I can hear in church. I can hear the birds sing. I can hear the tires treading on the road. I can hear background noises. I can hear my grandchildren and my great grandchildren speak. I can hear the train at night and the dog bark down the block. I thank you for taking time for me and helping me with this season of my life to hear better.”
Myrle Schade – Pueblo, CO